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What do patients say about Sunshine Therapy Services?

Does You Need Therapy?

Patients passing through the early developmental stages experience a spiral of various social and emotional stresses that could vitally shape objectionable behavior, mood swings, or problems with social functioning.

Many patients tantrums can be seen as normal and therefore, becomes overlooked by parents and caregivers without examining deep into the roots of their occurrence. Not know to many, but most adulthood anxieties and social dilemmas can be traced by an unrepressed or unsatisfied patients-hood issue. Having a coping mechanism is vital for patients at such sensitive phases of life, and this is therapy provides for.

Therapy services offer an effective approach for help patients handle their emotional and physical stresses by learning expression channels. In various ways, they have grappling devices that help them get by without being stuck to that level of repression or holding back.

The following are significant signs that your patient might need the guidance of a therapist:

  • Shows developmental delays in speech, language, or any expected ability at a certain age
  • Shows intense hyperactivity symptoms
  • Acting out, tantrums, and excessive anger
  • Swift mood changes between tearfulness, happiness, and depression
  • Being socially withdrawn
  • Overly aggressive
  • Shows and occasionally complains about physical discomforts
  • Little to no, or reduced interest to previously enjoyed or other enjoyable activities
  • Tardiness
  • Inattention
  • Behavior shifts after traumatic life event

If you are still skeptical of your patient’s need for psychological guidance or therapeutic support, please contact us and we shall assist you in making a sensible and appropriate decision.