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Individual Therapy

I enjoy working with authentic individuals 15+. Life has been a lot lately, and you deserve a place to be heard, validated, and respectfully challenged when beneficial. I am focused on helping you get unstuck from difficult emotions and past experiences so that you improve your relationships with yourself and others, and get to the life you want to lead.


If you're ready to understand yourself, break patterns that you can't seem to shake, and feel more connected in your life, you're in the right place.

Couples Therapy

Do you and your partner have intense fights where you both say things you don't mean and regret later? Your sex life has gone down the tubes. Intimacy – what intimacy? Couples counseling can help you get back on the same page again. It’s possible to feel connected again. Reinvigorate your romantic connection.


Feel seen, understood, and loved. passionate about helping you become the world expert on your partner and vice versa. You’ll learn how to better read and skillfully respond to one another, particularly in moments of stress.


Through identifying your attachment styles, love languages, and needs resulting from childhood experiences, you’ll discover new, more loving ways to relate.

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